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Please give us a call or send us a message. We are happy to answer your rigging questions.

Common Queries and Questions

1. Does RTG Rigging rent equipment?
We do rent equipment only for shows/events we are also managing. We do not normally "dry-hire" rigging gear.
2. Can I hire one rigger for an event?
Due to our safety protocol we do not normally send out one rigger. Our crew works in teams of three at a minimum.
3. Can I purchase a rigging plot by itself?
Yes, we do provide documentation for shows even when we can not be a part of the load in.
4. How much do your services cost?
Design, Supervision, and Labor are billed hourly. Equipment prices are quoted at the time of request. Contact us with details for an estimate.
5. Is there a deposit required?
There will be no charges until we give you an invoice. New clients might be required to pay a partial deposit before equipment or labor is delivered.
6. How soon can you get stamped drawings and a crew here?
Depending on our work load we can turn documents around in less than 24 hours. Crew can be available same day.
Email Us for Questions Involving Estimates, Billing, and Rates.